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Update 03/06/2020

Good news.

The Tasmanian Government has announced that from 3pm this Friday, 5 June, we will be able to stay away overnight on our boats.

Just in time for the Long Weekend and some hopefully improved weather!

MAST have issued an update to their boating guidelines to cover this relaxation – effectively lifting all restrictions on boating, including the social distancing rules we have been observing. Those 1.5m gaps, 4 Sqm spacing and even limits on the size of groups are all lifted when on your boat.

So that means we can raft up on our moorings again while of course keeping a good eye on the weather and never exceeding the capacity/safety limits of your boat and equipment.

A link to the latest MAST info is here:

Members going to Quarantine Bay will notice a new buoy – yellow with vertical blue stripes – on approach to the KBC moorings. This is the site of a sunken vessel. MAST recommends no anchoring within 50M of the buoy, so do steer clear.The link to the MAST Notice to Mariners M073-20 is here.

We look forward to seeing you all back out on the water.


KBC Committee

Update 10/9/2015

Here is a great little aid for those of you cruising in the Channel & Huon areas.

It's a marked up chart showing the location of fish farms and lights in the Channel and Huon. It can also be downloaded on our Moorings page.

Thank you MAST

For those who like to go ashore at Quarantine Bay for a BBQ, you can now do it without cutting your feet on the oysters!

The photo shows the new pontoon, funded through the MAST Rec Boating Fund

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